From transmission tower to fiber optic network

The history of DELTA Fiber goes back to 1981 when seven municipalities in Westland got together for a Central Antenna installation (CAI Westland). This resulted a 120-metre radio mast being built in Naaldwijk. Although the mast had almost halved by 2016, it forms the basis of DELTA Fiber's network.

Shortly after the CAIW radio mast in the Westland, a cable network in Zeeland was laid by Zekatel, a subsidiary of DELTA NV, in 1995. In 2018, CAIW (then Caiway) and DELTA joined forces and went ahead as DELTA Fiber Nederland. Until then, the two companies had a history running almost in parallel.

After analogue TV by cable, by 1995 the Internet was the future. CAIW was the first in the world to offer internet by cable for a fixed price, and that same year ZeelandNet (which would later come to be DELTA) became Zeeland’s internet provider.


Even in 1995, the internet is the future

Analogue TV went digital in the mid-1990s. The old-fashioned TV signal was disappearing, and CAIW was investing in constructing an ultramodern fiber network. In early 2010, CAIW – under the brand name Caiway – was the first telecom provider to completely shut down the analogue signal. That same year, DELTA started offering the first HD channels digitally in Zeeland.

Around 2015, CAIW started collaborating with Cogas from Twente to make fiber available in rural areas. By 2018, more than 100,000 addresses in the countryside were connected to fast internet through Caiway's fiber network. In the same period, DELTA had all Zeeland residents watching and listening to digital TV and radio, and introduced interactive TV as well as launching DELTA Mobile.

Analogue goes digital, fiber, interactive and even mobile

Swedish investment company EQT merged the providers Caiway and DELTA into one holding company in 2018. From then on, the networks have been operating under the name DELTA Fiber Nederland BV. DELTA and Caiway continue operating as telecom providers, offering their services via DELTA Network. Since 2022, the American investment company Stonepeak has also had an interest in DELTA Fiber.

The origin of DELTA Fiber

With the latest generation of fiber, we are at the forefront of the growing need for fast and stable internet. This enables everyone to be more and more active online with more and more people at the same time and to be able to use the latest possibilities in the digital world.
Marco Visser, CEO DELTA Fiber