Connecting socially with the DELTA Fiber Fund

We are building the future of the Netherlands with fast data connections and technology. With the DELTA Fiber Fund we also make this possible for foundations and organizations that need a helping hand.

About the fund

We are connected through the internet; with our environment, with others in our country, even worldwide. Wherever DELTA Fiber is active, we also aim to do out bit on a social level. We want to provide digital support where necessary with a financial contribution.

A donation from the DELTA Fiber Fund ranges from a minimum of €500 to a maximum of €5,000. The amount donated is depends on the size of the project and its social impact. The Fund’s management is down to DELTA Fiber Nederland B.V., and is private.

DELTA Zeeland Fund

The DELTA Fiber Fund is in our home province, known as the DELTA Zeeland Fund.

Who is eligible for a donation?

  • Non-profit organisations, such as an association or foundation.
  • The project is aimed at the inhabitants of an area in which DELTA Fiber is (largely) active.

When reviewing applications, we look at includes distribution in target group and regions in the Netherlands.

How does it work?

You can apply if the project meets the guidelines of the DELTA Fiber Fund. Here are some of the application criteria:

  • The purpose of the donation is clear with a clear budget.
  • Other donations for the same purpose must be announced.
  • The request focuses on digital resources, and clearly describes what these resources are used for and by whom.
    • Financing an internet connection or other digital services (television, telephony) through a DELTA Fiber brand.
    • Network facilities, such as Wi-Fi points.
    • Computers, laptops, tablet or phones.
  • The donation is used to make a major improvement or development from a social point of view for a broad target group.

Logo-mention and publicity

To draw the attention of other initiatives to the DELTA Fiber Fund, we expect logo mentioning on the website and in communications following a donation, such as programme booklets, flyers, posters and emails to participants or visitors. We also consider whether a joint press release to local and/or regional media concerning the donations is desirable.

What else is needed?

To keep the application procedure clear, we use frameworks regarding how an application is submitted. Applications not meeting these conditions will not be processed (without notification to the contrary).

  • Chamber of Commerce registration
  • IBAN bank account
  • Application request with motivation
  • Copy of annual-report articles and most recent annual account
  • Project plan or draft
  • Requested amount of money with budge
  • PR and marketing plan (for medium and large projects)

What doesn’t the DELTA Fiber Fund support?

  • Projects conflicting with general norms and values.
  • Projects conflicting with DELTA Fiber's corporate policy and objectives.
  • Commercial initiatives.
  • Regular sports and hobby associations.
  • Projects with already with sufficient financial resources.
  • Individual initiatives.
  • Projects of intermediary parties, such as service clubs.
  • Projects of a religious nature.
  • Projects of a political nature or projects set up by a government institution.
  • Applications to cover structural operating deficits or overhead costs.

Applying for a donation

You can request your fund donation by sending an email to [email protected]. 

Please ensure that all the information requested is included.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.