DELTA has the fastest customer service

20 December 2023

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As a telecom provider, DELTA has the fastest customer service, according to research conducted by ProviderCheck. By calling our customer service several times with different types of questions, they calculated how long our customers have to wait on average. With an average of 2 minutes and 22 seconds, DELTA has the most accessible customer service.

“We already had the fastest network and now we also have the fastest customer service. Our goal is to provide the best service to our customers. With this number one position we show that we are achieving our ambitions,” says Ferry Monsma, Director Customer Service at DELTA. “We consciously invest in our team and accessibility to make these results possible. I am proud that together we have made this possible for our customers.”

20 calls to 8 providers

Since 2018, ProviderCheck has conducted annual research into which telecom provider has the fastest customer service by telephone. In October, eight providers were called twenty times with four different questions. The questions ProviderCheck asked were: “I want to cancel my subscription”, “I have a question about my bill”, “I want to adjust my internet package” and “My internet does not work or is slow.”

Caiway second

DELTA is closely followed by Caiway with 02:44. Odido ranks third, where with 04:10 you have to wait almost twice as long as with DELTA.

    • DELTA | 02:22
    • Caiway | 02:44
    • Odido | 04:10
    • Youfone | 04:21
    • Ziggo | 04:33
    • KPN | 04:59
    • | 05:53
    • Budget All-in-1 | 13:53

DELTA is not only easily accessible by telephone, but also via the chat function on or via WhatsApp. DELTA has shops where customers can go for help as well.