Financing rollout optical fibre DELTA Fiber linked to sustainability goals

28 September 2022

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DELTA Fiber has made agreements to link the financing of the rollout of its optical fibre network to sustainability goals. It concerns a loan of EUR 1.45 billion. In doing so, DELTA Fiber underlines its ambitions regarding ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). The higher DELTA Fiber performs in this field, the lower the interest will be for the optical fibre provider.

“With these agreements we commit ourselves to goals in three areas: reducing CO2 emission, diversity and employee engagement”, says CFO Huib Costermans of DELTA Fiber. “Every month we roll out optical fibre to 30,000 addresses. Since optical fibre is the most energy-efficient telecom technology, our efforts significantly contribute towards making the Netherlands more sustainable. Our ambitions in this field, however, go further. We consider these performance agreements as a great incentive to realize them.”

The earlier mentioned loan of EUR 1.45 billion will be used for the rollout of the latest generation optical fibre in the Netherlands. The ambition of DELTA Fiber is to connect 2 million households to its network.

With the rollout of optical fibre DELTA Fiber provides sustainable internet access with ultrahigh speeds. Optical signals are used to transfer data, which is less energy consuming than other technologies like internet over a phone line (DSL) or by cable (coax). In addition, the network requires less maintenance.

Since last year, we are CO2-neutral for our own emissions for the first time. This means that the electricity we use is 100% green and the emissions we cause by burning fuels are compensated. Previously, DELTA Fiber already published a business report about its ESG policy. In this report, the organization announced its goals for the coming years based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In an effort to prioritize, DELTA Fiber has decided to focus on seven goals divided among four focus areas. The ESG report can be found on

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About DELTA Fiber

DELTA Fiber is one of the fastest growing optical fibre companies in the Netherlands. The network of DELTA Fiber already reaches over 1 million households and businesses and this number grows by 8,000 optical fibre connections per week. DELTA Fiber has the ambition to provide fast internet access to as many households and businesses as possible and to grow to 2 million connections in 2025. DELTA Fiber is owned by investment companies EQT and Stonepeak. Under its brands DELTA and Caiway, the company offers internet with gigabit speeds, interactive TV and fixed and mobile telephony to both consumers and businesses. DELTA Fiber employs over 1,200 people.