DELTA Fiber takes over Fiberglass Zuidenveld and FiberFlevo / FiberNH

24 February 2023

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DELTA Fiber has acquired Glasvezel Zuidenveld and FiberFlevo / FiberNH, thereby increasing its reach to more than 1.3 million households. Fiberglass Zuidenveld is a residents' initiative which has installed a fiber optic network in the municipality of Coevorden. FiberFlevo / FiberNH has installed a fiber optic network in the Noordoostpolder and in the north of the province of North-Holland. Through these acquisitions, DELTA Fiber adds approximately 23,000 households to its service area and is now active in all provinces in the Netherlands.

"We are pleased that, with these acquisitions, we are taking the next step in realizing our ambition to reach 2 million households by 2025," says Michiel Admiraal, director of DELTA Fiber. "Both Glasvezel Zuidenveld and FiberFlevo / FiberNH are, just like us, particularly active in rural areas and villages. In addition, the networks have been rolled out to the fuse boxes of their households (homes connected). So these acquisitions fit our strategy perfectly: offering residents fast and accessible fiber optic services."

About DELTA Fiber

DELTA Fiber is one of the fastest growing optical fibre companies in the Netherlands. The network of DELTA Fiber already reaches over 1.3 million households and businesses and this number grows by 8,000 optical fibre connections per week. DELTA Fiber has the ambition to provide fast internet access to as many households and businesses as possible and to grow to 2 million connections in 2025. DELTA Fiber is owned by investment companies EQT and Stonepeak. Under its brands DELTA and Caiway, the company offers internet with gigabit speeds, interactive TV and fixed and mobile telephony to both consumers and businesses. DELTA Fiber employs over 1,200 people.